Rock Star Experience

Cleveland’s #1 Rock Star Experience For Kids

Club Rock is a total ROCK STAR EXPERIENCE and beyond for kids ages 4 to 16!! While honing in on singing & performing techniques, Club Rockers gain confidence and self esteem that will benefit them for life! Club Rockers who love to perform will feel that they’ve ‘found their home’! Club Rockers who are more shy or introverted, will be forever changed after taking part in this supportive and high-energy, fun adventure!

  • Live Rock Band!
  • Amazing Sound System!
  • Smoke Machines & Lights!

By using the songs THEY choose (whether it’s Rock, Country, Broadway, Pop ….), we work on things such as proper breathing, pitch control and vocal range. They’ll also work on performance skills such as performing on a stage, acting out scenes/songs, emoting the message of a song and jumping around and dancing, interacting with musicians – and experiencing the high of fronting a band!

Many kids love being on stage and if they’re lucky enough to land a role in a play, they usually get to be a mushroom or a townsman! There are NO MUSHROOMS in Club Rock! Everyone gets the opportunity to be the star of their own rock concert!

Then of course, there’s ‘hair and make-up’ before each concert because every Club Rocker deserves the ‘royal rock-star treatment’!

Class Structure

Club Rock is a one-hour workshop that goes for ten weeks. Classes take place at La Place in Beachwood – in the old Border’s Bookstore.

The workshops consist of warm ups to begin, and then focus on a theme (ie. breath control, facial expressions/acting, …). We work on their songs as we integrate the theme/lesson of the week. Kids are pulled aside for special instruction if necessary.

At the end of the 10 week session, they perform on stage with a live band to all of their friends and family in front of a live band! There will be rehearsals with the band beforehand so the kids really get the full experience of working out a song.