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Club Rock knows how to PARTY!

Booking a birthday party? 

Here's what you need to know!

  • For a typical DAY birthday party (party ending by 4:30) on any day:

    • 1.5 hours, up to 25 kids, YOU PROVIDE ANY FOOD/DRINK AND PAPER PRODUCTS. We run the party and entertain your guests with games and music and FUN - as well as serve your food and provide music (and download any requests in real time). This is $300

  • For a party that is two hours, same thing as above 

    • but $350. Add $25 if you go over 25 kids (up to 35) and $25 per 10 after that, and so on..

  • For an EVENING week night party -

    • 2 hours up to 30 kids, (includes all of above mentioned), that is $450 ($25 per 10 kids over 35, same as above)

  • For an EVENING WEEKEND party - 2-3 hours, up to 35 kids, 

    • Includes all of above - $650 if over by 9pm, $750 if ending any later.

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